Record and Empower Rio Marañón

Last summer, Henry Worobec volunteered two months of his services as a filmmaker for a river that you need to know about. The Marañón River has been called the Grand Canyon of South America, The Serpent of Gold, and the principle tributary of the Amazon River. Notably, it is one of the last free-flowing connections between the nutrient-rich Andes Mountains and the globally-significant Amazon Biome. It seems unreasonable that up to 20 large-scale, hydro-electric dams could be constructed on Rio Marañón without a better understanding of the local and worldwide consequences.

In search of answers, our international team rafted 28 days, from mountains to jungle, collecting data, listening to locals, and observing the beauty of this vital river. CONFLUIR, a Study of Rio Marañón will be a short film about our trip and what we learned. The goals of this film are to set a precedence for and encourage further research on Rio Marañón as well as publicize the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy an expedition-style raft trip down one of the greatest free-flowing rivers on earth. We hope to inspire an international audience to spread the word about this incredible river and support MARAÑÓN WATERKEEPER, a new non-profit dedicated to advocacy for the people and ecosystems of the Marañón.

Generous donors helped fund some of the production costs last summer, but now we need your help to put the film together. We have multiple people working on this film: translating interviews, building motion graphics, assembling a soundtrack, organizing distribution and outreach, and editing together the most educational and entertaining story possible from a hard-drive of over 20,000 video clips. Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation will contribute to the post-production of Confluir and greatly help our mission to Record and Empower Rio Marañón.


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